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Portraits Get to Know Some of My Clients/Models

Portraits is more about my work and some of those that have worked with me. I wanted a place where I could share my thoughts about my clients/models. I've had some very positive experiences with everyone that I have worked with. I recognize that some of the work my models have done is tiring so i want to acknowledge them in a positive way. Only Heather M. has been a client, however she was an phenomenal!! 

Allow me to introduce you to my very best models/clients. I think I've done some of my best work photographing them. They all made my job not only fun, but very easy. I could not have take the photos I did without 100% of their own talents in front of the camera.


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Andrew is 13 years old and has sat in front of the camera for me so many times over the years.


One of the things that I love about photographing Andrew is his honestly. Whatever mood he is in comes through in his photos. I never ask him to be anything other than himself. Andrew takes some of the best photos because he truly has the unique ability to just be who he is. So whenever you see a photo of him you know he's giving you the very best part of himself and that is whats within him.


Additionally, Andrew enjoys being behind the camera.

Heather M.

Heather has just graduated from High School this Spring so right away Congratulations to her!!!


Heather is a client and my work with her was to take Senior photos and what a pleasure it was to do this. Heather is a "Breath of Fresh Air." to say Heather is a beautiful person is to understate her. She was unbelievably easy to work with. Always smiling, always polite, always kind words. I would work with Heather anytime as a model.


Heather is going onto school to study Dance.

Aaron & Alli

These two were actually my first models. They both took some phenomenally gorgeous images. The image on the left is an example of this. They definitely had a chemistry with one another and even though I haven't photographed them together in a few years I'm still proud to show off some of the photos I took of them.


They both love acting and feel at home either on stage or in front of a camera. They are both very talented and love entertaining so that's a dream they are both following.

Heather P.

I can sum Heather up in many ways but first and foremost she's a Natural! Heather may not think this, but the camera adores her and it shined through in every single photo.


My last photo shoot with her was exceptionally successful. Heather is a class act and the camera shows it. I look forward to photographing her in future photo shoots.


Heather is a makeup artist. She is currently working on her most important project. She's having a baby!! Due in early December. My work with her right now is recording her pregnancy up to and after delivery. It's very exciting work for me. I have a page here that I will be sharing with you when the time comes. I will keep you updated.

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