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Our special moments in life are captured in our memories. They're all part of our history. Later on as we look back, it's these very moments that bring us together. Families & friends sharing stories, laughter, tears & smiles Your newborns tiny little face, your toddlers zest for life, reunions, your child's prom, graduation, wedding, and every special moment in-between. All these captured in our memories for a lifetime.  The memories we share with each other. The ones we leave for our children, grandchildren. Future generations. A photographers job is to help capture each of these memories with images.


As a photographer I have traveled throughout most of the United States and Europe. I began my love of photography by photographing the places I visited. I look at the world as an incredibly beautiful place that I want to capture though my images. I've enjoyed quite a variety of different forms of photography. Portrait style photography is just of these forms.


When I photograph people, I never really know what to expect. That is the best aspect of it. Each person being unique in what they bring into my viewfinder and what I eventually capture.


I would love for you to allow me the privilege of helping you preserve these special moments.




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